• St. Andrew's Church, Sudbury
    With the Love of God, we Welcome, and seek to Serve
    those who question, search, worship, or doubt;
    that we will all Grow in the faith of Jesus Christ
    'An inclusive C-of-E church for all who seek God in any way'
    Sunday Service at 10 am with children's groups and free refreshments afterwards.
    Baptisms, weddings. bereavememt and pastoral care.
    Toddler/youth clubs, study/social groups and special events.


  • JULY 5th 2020

    Today We Celebrate the Resumption of Services in Church.

    The 5th July will see us begin to resume services at St Andrew's
    with a service at 10.00am.
    Unfortunately with the virus still present
    it won't be the celebratory return we would all love to see.

    We will be taking proper precautions to keep people safe
    but if you feel more comfortable staying at home
    the audio service and booklet is below.
    We will continue the online services for some time
    so if you are shielding or don't feel safe coming to church
    we will still provide for you.

    If you are in a vulnerable group (but not shielding) you need to be aware
    that there is a risk in coming to church, albeit a minimal one
    and the decision as to whether you attend is yours.

    There will be precautions in place but not such that
    St Andrews stops feeling like a place of prayer
    so please follow the stewards instructions
    and keep your distance from people to keep us all safe.

    There will be printed service booklets which you are asked to take and keep
    rather than hand back at the end of the service.
    If you can bring the booklet with you each week
    that would be helpful but there will be spares if you forget.

    If you would rather an electronic service booklet for you
    phone or tablet please download it from here:

    We will now be holding evening prayer every Thursday in church at 6.30pm
    to which everyone is welcome.
    The church won't be open during the week apart from that.



    The vicar of this church, Greville Thomas,
    can be contacted in an emergency
    by telephoning 020 8904 4016
    or emailing greville.sudbury@gmail.com

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul
    and with all your mind and with all your strength . . .
    Love your neighbour as yourself.
    There is no commandment greater than these.”


    To protect the vulnerable amongst us,
    please do not leave your home
    except for essential trips.









    Safeguarding at St. Andrews Church, Sudbury

    Saint Andrew’s Church Sudbury takes seriously
    the well being of every person in our church community
    and values each equally.
    We have a Safeguarding Officer and a Children's Champion
    who can be contacted in church or through
    their contact details on our Entrance Porch notice board.
    We have systems in place to respond to concerns of abuse
    whether sexual, financial, emotional or any other kind.
    We subscribe to the Church of England policy
    on Promoting a Safer Church, which you can find here:


    You may prefer to contact the Vicar, Fr Greville Thomas, at:
    greville.sudbury@gmail.com or 0208 904 4016.

    You can also contact the Diocesan Safeguarding team at:
    and childline on 08001111 24 hours a day.






    St Andrews Community Café

    We meet in our church

    every Tuesday and Thursday

    from 10am to 3pm

    Drop in for refreshment, breakfast, or a hot meal

    and a friendly welcome.

    We don't expect you to pay for our facilities

    but we much appreciate it, if you can pay

    at least a very small amount so we can help others...



    Memory Café






    Food Bank

    Donations of non-perishable food are for the Brent Food Bank.
    We are at the moment asking for warm men's clothes for the Food Bank









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